How to Add Watermark an Image Online for Free

How to Add Watermark in My Image Online for Free

If you are having a photography website or a portfolio website with lots of original images then it is important to secure those images from others’ usage. In order to do that you need to watermark your image with your brand name or logo. There are several professional tools out there in the market that allows you to watermark your image like Photoshop, Luminar, CoralDraw, Illustrator, and more other online tools. But to use those professional tools requires some basic understanding of the tool and also you need to pay a considerable amount to use them. So we at have launched an exclusive online tool to add watermark to any of your images for free of cost. To know more about this online watermarking tool, continue reading the article.

Steps to Add Watermark to an Image

[1] Go to from your smartphone or PC browser.

[2] Click on CHOOSE IMAGE and upload any image from your device to add the watermark.

[3] Then click on ADD YOUR WATERMARK LOGO and choose watermark image from your device.

[4] Place the watermark image anywhere over the actual image.

Note: You can move, resize, and rotate the watermark image anywhere on your image using the guides around the image.

[5] Once the watermark image is placed, set the transparency level using the slider.

Note: You can set transparency between 0 to 1 where 0 means no transparency and 1 is full transparency.

[6] After adding the watermark, you can download the image in six different formats.


[7] Click on any of the available formats and your image will be downloaded with the watermark instantly.

Download in multiple formats | Watermark Image Online

How to Add Multiple Watermarks in an Image Online for Free

Not just a single watermark, if required you can add any number of the same or different watermarks on your image file using the Watermark on Image/photo Online tool. Here is a guide on how to do it.

[1] Go to Watermark on Image/photo Online from your smartphone or PC browser.

[2] Click on CHOOSE IMAGE and upload any image from your device to add the watermark.

Choose imgae | Watermark Image Online

[3] Tap on ADD YOUR WATERMARK LOGO and choose the watermark image.

Watermark Image Online

[4] To add multiple logos or the same logo multiple times, repeat step 3 any number of times you wish.

Watermark Image Online

Note: If you added the wrong watermark image just drag the image outside the image frame to remove it.

Remove watermark | Watermark Image Online

[5] Place all the added logos in any of your required orders.

[6] Set transparent to each and every added logo as per the need.

[7] Finally, download the image in any of the available formats.

[8] Now you have successfully added multiple watermarks to your image file.

You can repeat this process any number of times just by clicking on RESET or reloading the page (F5).

Here are some of the sample Watermarked Images

Thank you for reading the article. Hope you have successfully watermarked the image with our tool. If you have any queries let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Hi there,

    Adding water mark is wonderful option but it would be great if you could provide option of adding water mark as text. Right now it accepts only images/ logos as water mark

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