How to Blur Images Online for Free Within Seconds

How to Blur Image Online for Free

Blur Image editor is a free online tool to blur out any of your images just with a move of a slider. With our best free blur tool, you can apply Gaussian blur to any of your images. Blur is used to provide the Bokeh effect or portrait effect to your photography by focusing on the particular item and blurring out the rest. In that case, you can’t make bokeh or portrait effects using our online tool instead, you can blur the whole image. We know that this sounds lame but right now, we are launching this online Blur tool as a demo. Alongside, we are working on some amazing features and updates using Blur like one-click Bokeh/portrait effect, selective blur, Rotational blur, Motion blur, Lens Blur, and many more. Once the features are enabled, we will inform our users via the website.

Steps to Blur Images using CompressMyImage’s Blur Tool

[1] Visit from your smartphone or PC browser.

[2] Click on CHOOSE IMAGE and locate the image you wish to blur.

Choose Image -How to Blur Image Online for Free

[3] Click on BLUR THE IMAGE button to apply the gaussian blur effect to the image.

Blur the Image - How to Blur Image Online for Free

[4] You can adjust the Blur amount using the Blur value slider.

  • Slider Right – Increase Blur Amount
  • Slider Left – Decrease Blur Amount
Set Blur Value

[5] If adjusted, click on BLUR THE IMAGE to apply the newly adjusted blur value to the image.

Adjust Blur value

[6] Now you can DOWNLOAD the image in four different formats: PNG, JPG, WEBP, and BMP.

Download in various format - How to Blur Image Online for Free

Here is the preview of the image before and after blur using the Online Blur tool by

Image before blur
Image without Blur
Image after blur
Image After Blur

You can repeat this process any number of times with any number of images regardless of their size by clicking on CLEAR ALL IMAGES or just reload the page to start with a new image to blur.

What is the Advantage of the Blurring image?

If you are a content creator/YouTuber, Thumbnail is one of the important factors that attract users to watch your video. Thumbnails can act as clickbait which helps you get more clicks on your video even if there is no content available in the video. For example:

Advantage of Blur - How to Blur Image Online for Free

Thank you for reading the article. Hope our tool and guide are helpful to you in some possible way. If you have any queries or issues on blurring the image let us know in the comments section below.

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