How to Crop Images Online using Image Cropper for FREE

Image Cropper Online

Image cropper is a free online cropping tool developed by The tool helps you crop any images to any required dimensions with some simple clicks. The most common purpose of using the Image cropper tool is for social media. Different social media networks required different image dimensions to fit into their feed. This creates the need to crop or resize the image or photos to various dimensions for various social media. To make that work simple we have the new Image Cropper tool for all your social media posts and more. Let’s see how to crop or resize your image using the free online Image cropper tool.

Steps to Crop Image Using Image Cropper Online

[1] From your Smartphone or PC browser, visit

[2] Click on UPLOAD IMAGE and open any image to crop or resize from your device.

Upload Image - Crop Image Online

[3] Your image will be added to the editor along with a Crop frame.

[4] Adjust the crop frame size using its edges to any dimension.

Adjust - Crop Image Online

Note: You can find the dimension (Width & Height) of the crop frame under the Editor panel.

[5] To Zoom in and Zoom out using the Mouse scroll to fit the image within the frame.

Zoom - Crop Image Online

[6] Place the cursor inside the Crop frame, it will turn to the move icon and then move the image.


[7] You can see the Live output preview under the Output Preview section.

Output preview

[8] Once cropped/resized to the required size, click on DOWNLOAD.


[9] Again click on DOWNLOAD under the final preview.


[10] Your image will be downloaded instantly in the cropped/resized ratio.

Here is the sample output of the cropped image

Original Image
Original Image
Cropped image -Crop Image Online
Cropped Image

How to Crop Image for Social Media using Image Cropper Online

Our Image Cropper tool offers crop preset for the following social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook (Width x Height) px

  • Profile Image – 400 x 400
  • Cover Image – 1125 x 633
  • Post Image – 1200 x 630

Twitter (Width x Height) px

  • Profile Image – 400 x 400
  • Cover Image – 1500 x 500
  • Post Image – 1200 x 675

Instagram (Width x Height) px

  • Profile Image – 1080 x 1080
  • Thumbnail – 420 x 654
  • Post Image – 1080 x 1350

[1] Upload an image into the online image cropper tool.

[2] Scroll down to Social Cropping Sizes section.

Social cropping size - Crop Image Online

[3] Tap on any social media image size.

[4] The dimension will project on your Crop frame.

[5] Move and zoom the Crop frame to fit into the frame perfectly.

[6] Check the Output Preview section for Live Preview.

Upload and download image

[7] Once satisfied, click on the DOWNLOAD to download the image to your device.

[8] Now you have successfully cropped your image for your social media.

More Cropping Options on Image Cropper Online

Zoom Image -Crop Image Online

Zoom Image

The Zoom tool allows you to Zoom in and Zoom out on your image or canvas freely. With this process, you can able to change the primary focus of the image to any different location on the image. We have two buttons in our Image cropper tool and they are

Zoom In – Zoom In will expand your image bigger than the crop frame.

Zoom Out – Zoom Out will contract your image even smaller than the crop frame

Pan Image - Crop Image Online

Pan Image

The Pan allows you to move the image anywhere around the canvas. You can move the image in four directions and they are Left, Right, Up, and Down.

Pan Left – Move the image towards the left side of your canvas.

Pan Right – Move the image towards the right side of your canvas.

Pan Up – Move the image towards the top of your canvas.

Pan Down – Move the image towards the bottom of your canvas.

Rotate Image

Rotate Image

The Rotate tool allows you to rotate the image at various angles from its original position. We have two Rotate options: Rotate Left and Rotate Right. On each click, you will turn in a particular direction at an angle of 45 degrees. By default, your image will be at 0°. For each click, your image will turn as follows 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, and 315°.

Rotate Left – Rotate your image 45° left on each click which goes from 0°, -45°, -90°, -135°, -180°, -225°, -270°, and -315°.

Rotate Right – Rotate your image 45° right on each click which goes from 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, and 315°.

Mirror or flip image

Mirror Image

A mirror is the reflection or flip of the image from its original position. This can happen in two ways either right/left or up/down. Just like we said our tool has two mirror buttons to flip your image upside down and sidewise. They are Mirror Left/Right and Mirror Up/Down.

Mirror Left/Right – Flip or mirror your image in a sidewise direction just like seeing on your mirror. For example: If you are right position and when Mirrored you will be shifted to the left and vice versa.

Mirror Up/Down – Flip or mirror your image upside down just by clicking on Mirror Up/Down button.

You can repeat this cropping process any number of times on any number of images regardless of their size and resolutions by clicking on CLEAR IMAGE.

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