How to Make a GIF Image Online for FREE

How to Make GIF for Free Online using GIF Maker

GIF Maker is a free online GIF creator tool that helps you save lots of time on creating a looping GIF using some professionals. You can create instant GIFs from a series of images within a second just by dragging and dropping the image into the GIF maker. The image will be stitched into a looping GIF instantly and also it allows you to make some standard edits on the Gif like position, rotation, resolution, and speed. If you are new to making GIFs, our GIF maker tool offers a simple interface to create your first GIF. Continue reading the article to know how to make GIF for 100% free using the GIF maker tool online.

Steps to Create a GIF using GIF Maker Online

[1] From your smartphone or PC browser, go to our free Online GIF Maker.

[2] Click on CHOOSE IMAGES and select more than one image from your device gallery.

GIF Maker

Note: If you are on PC, you can add any number of images just with a drag and drop.

[3] Once added, the GIF will be created instantly.

[4] You can view the preview of the GIF under the Output Sample GIF preview.

GIF Preview

[5] Click on MAKE GIF and your GIF will be created and will be made ready for downloading.

GIF Maker Online

[6] Finally, click on DOWNLOAD GIF to download the GIF file on your device.

Download GIF Image

You can download the GIF in any resolution of your requirement by using the Width and Height slider under the Customization area.

This is how the output of GIF maker by default looks like.

Output GIF
Default GIF

How to Increase/Decrease GIF Speed

As said before, GIF is a series of images played at a regular time interval. With GIF maker, you can have control over the speed of your GIF.

[1] Add the series of images into the GIF maker tool.

[2] Go to the Customization Area below the CHOOSE IMAGES section.

GIF Maker

[3] Move the Speed slider to the right to decrease the speed or to the left to increase the speed.

[4] This is how you can manage the speed of your GIF with the GIF maker.

By default, GIF Maker has a Speed level of 300ms (Millisecond). The maximum GIF speed is 2000ms and the minimum GIF speed is 10ms. You can check the speed limit is perfect or not from the Output Sample GIF preview panel.

Here is a preview of how to speed and slow GIF works in GIF Maker.

Fast GIF
Adjust Speed of GIF
Slow GIF

How to Reposition/Change the Order of Image a GIF

If the output GIF image is not in a particular order, you can reposition the image order by drag and drop feature anytime.

[1] Add the image to the GIF Maker tool and scroll down to Reposition/Rotate/Remove Image.

[2] Place the cursor over the image you need to reposition in your GIF.

[3] The Cursor will change to the Move icon.

Reposition/Change GIF Images

[4] Click and drag the image to the position you wish to shift.

Reposition/Change GIF Images

[5] Now you have successfully rearranged the image and it will be applied to your GIF preview.

Reposition/Change GIF Images

Here is a preview of how to use reposition in GIFs using GIF Maker.

Output Image
Reverse or Repositioned GIF

How to Rotate Images in a GIF

Apart from reposition, you can also rotate the individual images which give an even more quirky feel to your GIF. Here is how you can make use of the rotate features.

[1] Add the image to the GIF Maker tool and scroll down to Reposition/Rotate/Remove Image.

[2] Click on Rotate icon on the top of the image you wish to rotate.

Rotate Images in GIF

Note: The Rotate will happen at an angle of 90 degrees in the clockwise direction for every click.

[3] Once the image is rotated to the required degree/angle, it will be applied to your GIF preview.

Rotate Images in GIF

Here is a preview of how you can use rotate GIFs using GIF Maker.

Output GIF
Rotate GIF

How to Remove an Image From a GIF Using Our Online GIF Maker

You can also remove the unwanted images from your GIF using the GIF Maker tool

[1] Add the image to the GIF Maker tool and scroll down to Reposition / Rotate / Remove Image.

Remove an Image from GIF

[2] Click on the Remove (X) icon on the top of the image you wish to remove.

Remove an Image from GIF

[3] Once removed, the sample GIF can be viewed from the preview panel.

Here is a preview of how to use remove features in the GIF maker tool.

Output Image
Remove GIF

This is how you can use GIF maker online to make the looping animated GIFs. You can repeat the process any number of times with any number of images regardless of their size just by clicking on CLEAR ALL IMAGES.

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