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BMP stands for Bitmap which was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is a two-dimensional image format that can store both monochromes (black and white) and color images. Also, BMP images can withhold lots of details in the image file like color depths, alpha channels, color profiles, and many more. Compared with some of the popular image formats like JPEG, BMP holds the highest resolution. All the Bitmap images end with the extension .bmp. Since it has a higher resolution, it can withstand any kind of compression. If you want to compress your BMP image online, check out our BMP Image Compressor Tool.

What is is a super fast and extreme image compression tool. With the tool, you can compress all the commonly used image formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and WEBP) to a relatively very low size. All the processes done with the Compress My Image tool are absolutely free and do not require any sign-up process. Most importantly like any other compression tool, we don't have any limitations or restrictions to our users in the size and number of images they can compress or optimize.

Why BMP Image Compression is Required?

BMP is not the commonly used format by most but still, most professional editors used this format as they hold higher resolution than several other formats. The original file is not suitable for any kind of internet usage. To make it compatible with internet usages like sharing, social media, website, and email you need to compress the image to fit it in all working conditions.

How to Compress BMP Image using

[1] Find the image you wish to compress on your smartphone or PC.

[2] Visit the website and click on Choose Files.

[3] Locate the supported image file format on your smartphone or PC.

[4] For PC users, you can just drag and drop the images into the rectangular upload box.

[5] Once added, your image file will be compressed instantly.

[6] Now, you can download the compressed image files individually or completely as a ZIP file.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is is trusted? is 100% trustworthy and safe to compress all your images. Also, we do not store any images uploaded by the users on our servers.

[2] How fast is takes less than 1 second to compress your images. It is faster than very much any other image compression available on the internet.

[3] What is the maximum image upload size?

There is no size limitation to upload images for compression. You can upload images of any size and they will be compressed instantly.

[4] What is the advantage of the BMP image format?

BMP image files can withhold extreme compression and at the same time do not lose their quality even after repetitive compressions.

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