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JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Expert Group. It is one of the most popularly used image formats and it is supported on all commonly used devices, sites, and services. This format can hold a lot of pixels in an image at a very small size. Most of the cameras and editors use JPEG as the standard format for capturing and storing the images. JPEG is also known as JPG. The JPG image format was used in older Windows versions as they support extensions with 3 letters or less. Also, JPEG can withstand extreme level compression and still provide a reasonable image quality. If you want to compress JPEG images, check out our JPEG image compression tool.

What is is a lightning-speed image compress tool that allows you to compress images of various formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and WEBP) to your desired size. This online compression tool has a simple user interface that is easy to use and cope up with for all kinds of users. All the compressions are done absolutely free of cost without any signup or commitments.

Why JPEG Image Compression Required?

As said before, JPEG is one of the most commonly used file formats to download, edit, capture, and store images. It can be used or shared on social media, websites, email, and many more. Sharing or editing with larger images will be very much time-consuming. To ease up the process, we have an exclusive online tool in which you can upload and compress unlimited JPEG images without spending a single penny.

How to Compress JPEG Image using

[1] Go to on your smartphone or PC.

[2] Click on Choose File and find the image you need to compress.

[3] For PC users, you can simply add the image by drag and drop.

[4] The added image will be uploaded and compressed in no time.

[5] Click on Download Compressed Image and your compressed image is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] How do I Compress a JPEG image less than 100KB?

Using, you can be able to compress the image to the lowest possible quality (even 5kb) without any reduction in image quality. You can check the compressed image size below the output image.

[2] Is my uploaded image safe with

All the images uploaded to are absolutely safe. No images will not be stored or recorded on our servers. Also before and after compression, all images will undergo a virus check process before being downloaded by the user.

[3] Are there any limitations to uploading JPEG images?

There is no restriction or sign-up process required for uploading or compressing images. You can upload and download any number of images without any restrictions at a time.

[4] Why Should I choose to optimize my JPEG image?

We use the best-in-class image compression algorithm to optimize your image and provide the best possible output. Like other online compression tools, we don't use the server to compress your image file, instead, we make use of the system processor and speed up the process. (Note: This does not affect your system process in anyways).

[5] Does it Compress JPG files?

The answer is Yes. You can compress the image to very less format without For your Information, both JPEG and JPG are absolutely the same and do not have any major difference among them.

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