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WebP Image is the image format created by Google especially for websites. It has both lossless and lossy compression without any degradation in the image quality. The WebP image format is quite smaller than the PNG and JPEG images. It helps in loading the website at a faster speed. The image format is accessible on many browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, more.

What is

CompressMyImage is the new image compressor that provides free image compression. It ensures zero percentage reduction in the image quality since it performs lossless image compression. The image compression happens at a high speed without any delay in compression. It can compress single or many images at a time. The CompressMyImage has no restrictions in the size and it does not have any sign-up or registration. It provides a secure platform to resize the WebP images and it never stores the images.

Why WebP Image Comrpession Required?

There are various reasons to compress the WebP images. The websites require low-size images for faster loading and it is easy to upload the images. You can transfer the images quickly. It helps in creating backup instantly and it consumes less low storage space.

How to Compress WebP Image using

[1] Launch the Google Chrome browser on your PC/ Laptop and go to the CompressMyImage website.

[2] Select Choose File to upload the WebP images or Just Drag and Drop images on the site.

[3] Choose the Compress Percentage and click Compress to compress the WebP image.

[4] Select Download to download the images individually or click Download All Files to get the ZIP file.

[5] Extract the ZIP file to open all the compressed images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly encountered FAQs regarding the WebP Image compression

1. How do I reduce the size of the WebP image?

You can visit the CompressMyImage site to reduce the WebP image size for free.

2. Can I compress the WebP Image to a certain ratio?

You can adjust the WebP Image compression percentage in CompressMyImage to the desired size.

3. Does CompressMyImage compress animated WebP images?

Yes. CompressMyImage can compress the animated WebP image

4. Is it possible to resize multiple WebP images at a time?

You can resize as many WebP images at the same time on the CompressMyImage website.

5. How do you optimize WebP images?

You can optimize the WebP images using the CompressMyImage tool.

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I'm Pinto, I help you compress your images with the help of You can upload many number of images at a time & download all files as a zip.

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